Task:   Need to write a unix/linux shell script which moves Files from One Folder to Another Folder once a day (Say at midnight). Also set permissions for newly moved files accordingly.

Step 1:   Write a Shell Script to do moving and set permissions

mv /home/a/* /home/b/
chown nobody:nobody /home/b/*

Here I want to move files from “/home/a/”  to “/home/b”  and set permissions to nobody so that PHP running on Apache can do work on them.  I saved the script as “/home/myscript.sh”

Step 2:   Make the script an Executable

$ chmod +x myscript.sh

Step 3:   Run at mid night  every day by adding to Cron Job

a)  Edit Current Cronjob

$ crontab -e

Then  add your script entry there (works same as VI editor.. use i to go to edit mode). I am actually setting at 11.59 PM..

59 23 * * * /home/myscript.sh

b) Save cron job by exiting (using Shift+zz)

c)  Check to see cron job is set

$ crontab -l

That’s It!