If you download any Pre-Janauray Design template from http://www.asp.net/mvc/gallery/default.aspx?supportsjs=true and trying to test with latest MVC  Release (after following ReadMe.txt),  chances of you getting an ugly error like below are real high.


So how to make these template with new version? You can with very few changes to site.master page (This following example is for Bluebubbles template but this may work for most of the templates)


Page Directives BeforeDirectives before changes

Page Directives After Changes


Head Section Before


Head Section After Changes



Community Technology Preview Release of MVC Framework is released. Go get it from  http://asp.net/downloads/3.5-extensions/

Some documentation is available at http://quickstarts.asp.net/3-5-extensions/mvc/default.aspx

For Help or See what others thinking  see forums at http://forums.asp.net/1146.aspx

I am thinking of posting a tutorial pretty soon …..comparsing side by side of Rails and ASP.NET MVC….. stay tuned.