Trying out Popfly beta

November 19, 2007

I haved tried Yahoo Pipes sometime back when it was beta.  Popfly is Microsoft’s stab at creating mashups. Mashups allows you to connect multiple data sources to display units visually without any coding.

Popfly requires Microsoft SilverLight runtime ( Microsoft version of Adobe brought Macromedia’s Flash Player) to be installed to create mashup and also to view it. You also need windows live account.

My first test using IE 6 was not pleasant with blurry ghosty images whenever you move over any of the controls.  Also I didnt see any output when clicked on Preview.  You could see a popup warning saying “you are not using  IE7 or Firefox 2.0. ..your expereince may vary”. My second attempt with Firefox 2 is lot better. It worked smoothly (though I had trouble installing silverlight on Firefox. It ended up the problem is not with silverlight but NoScript addon… NoScript has a setting to forbid Silverlight for untrusted sites and some reason popfly is considered as untrusted site).

Also note that Opera wont work as silverlight is not supported on Opera browser. I use opera for most of the dialy browsing so it would be nice if silverlight support comes for opera in future.

Overall experience with Popfly is good and is bit faster than Yahoo Pipes (atleast when Pipes was beta). Popfly also makes creating template based webpage easier and quick and add as many as mashups embedded in that page.

Look at a simple mashup and webpage I did at


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