Rails IDEs – 3rdRails From CodeGear

September 23, 2007

I tried using Aptana and JEdit as IDEs for Rails development (to some success but not fully happy) before and recently tested CodeGear’s 3rdRail. I could see that 3rdRails is also designed based on Eclipse platform (same as case for Aptana Radrails).  But what makes 3rdRail different from Aptana (other than $299 price tag) is couple of cool features like Logical representation of folders/files in project explorer. Controllers, Views are nicely tucked together. Models and Helpers are visible at top level makes it easy for you instead of grilling down the folders to get them.

Another neat feature is Console (they call it Project Commander), not only it shows output you could directly type and run all rails commands here (like rake tasks or installing plugins etc.)

Finally there is “Refactoring support”. For example, if you choose to rename an action, it will figure out all the files that action is referred and changes for you.

Go check it out at http://www.codegear.com/products/3rdrail. At least try for 3o days and see if you like it.


One Response to “Rails IDEs – 3rdRails From CodeGear”

  1. That Aptana team is very pleased to announce that Aptana RadRails Milestone 7 (combined with the Milestone 6) has been released to beta. This release includes a tremendous amount of new features and fixes:
    Call Hierarchy View
    New YML Editor
    Significant number of new code analysis/warning checks including a set of checks for rails deprecations
    Allow setting breakpoints on ruby files outside the workspace (gems and libraries referenced by projects)
    New Ruby Explorer view which replaces Rails Navigator and Ruby Resources View, includes more advanced functionality
    Evaluation of arbitrary code in debugger at breakpoint
    New JRuby VM Type
    Decorators (team/sharing, warnings/problems) shown in new Ruby Explorer view

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