Build A Simple Registration Form Using Rails

May 30, 2007

In Rails you could simply build a Form based on model using “form_for” helper.

Assume your “users” table has login, password, name, email columns. Thats mapped as “User” Model using ActiveRecord (in app/models/user.rb file)

class User < ActiveRecord::Base


Now you could build a registration form (in views/register.rhtml file) as

<% form_for :user do |f| %>
<p> Your Name: <br />  <%= f.text_field :name %></p>
<p>  Login ID:<br /><%= f.text_field :login %></p>
<p>  Password: <br />  <%= f.text_field :password %></p>
<p>  Email:<br /> <%= f.text_field :email %></p>
<p><%= submit_tag “Create Account” %></p>
<% end %>

To complete things, write controller logic to save data (in file apps/controllers/user_controller.rb)

class UserController < ApplicationController 
     def register
         @user =[:user])
             if( and
                   flash[:notice] = “Account Created Successfully”
                   redirect_to :controller => ‘yourloginsuccessfullycontrollername’

Now you could access registration page at http://yourhostname/user/register 


14 Responses to “Build A Simple Registration Form Using Rails”

  1. subramanian kaushik Says:

    thanks …..It was really helpful..

  2. David Says:

    umm how do i connect this to a MySql database? e mail me at

  3. nlakkakula Says:

    David … In rails, the database linkage is done by ActiveRecord and you configure that in yaml file in config folder…. basically this registration form uses “User” Model means connected to “users” table in your db…

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