MySql vs Postgres

June 19, 2006

Wait… Its not one of many arguments over which one is better.  Both are excellent open source database systems  with rich set of features competing commmercial databases. (it look like MySQL has more marketing power than postgres though….) . The point I want to make is how both are different.  I been using Postgresql from almost 5 years.  When we tried to pick between MySQL and Postgres back then, I picked Postgresql as it has support for Foriegn Keys, triggers and stored procedures. So in the last five or so years when people asked me why Postgres over MySQL, I could proudly point to those features MySQL lacked. But NOT anymore!  Looks like MySQL 5 has all these covered. Now it has support for Views, Stored Procedures and Triggers.  ( See  More over they added more features from MaxDB (SA- DB from MySQL AB) like Event Scheduler in 5.1 version.  So now its purely personal preference of which one to pick.  


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